Alex Mali

Alex Mali is a melodic craftsman known for her sweet and profound tunes. The Brooklyn based craftsman has left a significant imprint in the music business as of late. She has just delivered a collection and getting a colossal reaction from the audience members.

She delivered her solitary collection, “Prepared EP” in 2019. Presently, the vocalist is endorsed by EVERMORE and The Blind Youth Records. She truly is an extraordinary possibility with her wonderful voice. Besides, she ordinarily sings the R&B sort.

NameAlex Mali
AgeThe early 20s
EthnicityAfrican American
ProfessionMusical artist
YoutubeAlex Mali

10 Facts on Alex Mali

  • Alex Mali is an American artist and melodic craftsman who sings soul and R&B kind. She is situated in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Also, Alex is exceptionally youthful in age. She is by all accounts in her mid-20s. The artist is yet to unveil the data about her age and birthday however.
  • Concerning her net worth, the subtleties are not accessible. In any case, her net worth is relied upon to be around $100,000 right now.
  • Proceeding onward, she has a critical web-based media presence. Her Instagram account has more than 30k adherents to date.
  • Shockingly, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia history up to this point. Somebody is unquestionably going to devote her one given her prevalence nowadays.
  • Additionally, Alex doesn’t appear to have a beau by the same token. She isn’t spotted with anybody and is apparently single.
  • Also, she is one of the outline vocalists that most likely has an incredible profession in front of her.
  • At the age of this youthful, she has just delivered a collection that aggregated promising commitment on Spotify.
  • Moreover, she is presently endorsed by The Blind Youth Records. The makers are exceptionally energized with her and they truly figure she could be the one for what’s to come.
  • Moreover, she was brought up in Brooklyn. Likewise, she comes from an African American ethnic gathering.