Aliscia Andrews

Aliscia Andrews is an American legislator who is running for the appointment of the US House of Representatives to speak to Virginia’s tenth Congressional District. She is the competitor of the Republican Party. The government official will be supporting Donald Trump in official decisions.

Additionally, the lawmaker progressed from the conservative primaries on June 20, 2020. She was late to present her name in the polling form for the officers. Nonetheless, her request was acknowledged as the cutoff time got broadened. In addition, the legislator has served for the Marine Corps since 2010. She lost a companion who relinquished his life for the nation and it persuaded her to turn into a Marine. Here is all you require to think about her.

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10 Facts on Aliscia Andrews

  • Aliscia Andrews is an American legislator running for the US House to speak to Virginia’s tenth Congressional District.
  • Additionally, the legislator is hitched and lives with her significant other and three children.
  • Her age, shockingly, isn’t known at this point. Be that as it may, she looks exceptionally youthful and vigorous simply like a pioneer should be.
  • The legislator is an agent of the Republican Party, an ideological group she has worshiped since her adolescence.
  • In any case, her net worth and mission costs are not accessible yet. Such subtleties might be private.
  • With respect to her instructive capabilities, she is an alum of Georgetown University. She has a degree in Cybersecurity Strategy Management.
  • Aliscia Andrews is near her family and invests a lot of energy with them. Her dad served in the Air Force also.
  • A Christian by religion, Aliscia went to chapel consistently during her youth. The lawmaker was acceptable in games and other extracurricular exercises.
  • Subsequently, she went to serve the nation as a marine corp. Her first sending was in Haiti.
  • You can give through her mission site on the off chance that you need her to win.