Armando Perez Roura

Armando Perez Roura was a celebrated character. He was questionable alongside an amazing voice on Miami’s Cuban radio broadcasts. He died on November 23 on early Monday morning from a coronary failure. He was taken to Kindness Medical clinic after he felt the complexities. He was known for his energy and failing to give up disposition.

He kicked the bucket at 92 years old yet at the same time perceived as a moving character who worked at the radio broadcasts for quite a long time. He was once perceived as an acclaimed media character. Here are 10 realities about Armando Perez Roura that you would not wanna miss.

NameArmando Perez Roura
BirthdayJanuary 11, 1928

10 Realities About Armando Perez Roura

  • Who Was Armando Perez Roura? Armando Perez Roura was a radio personality whose incredible voice on Miami’s Cuban radio broadcasts was unmistakable.
  • Armando Perez Roura passed on in Miami matured 92 on November 23, early Monday morning from a coronary failure. He was promptly taken to the Leniency Clinic.
  • Armando Perez Roura’s profile page has not been given on the Wikipedia page.
  • The reason for death of Armado Perez Roura was a Coronary episode as he seemed, by all accounts, to be fine the earlier day before his passing.
  • Moreover, Armando Perez Roura had brought in a decent measure of cash be that as it may, he didn’t reveal the sum of his net worth.
  • In addition, Armando Perez Roura’s significant other’s subtleties are absent. Nonetheless, he had a grandson who is a 38 years of age legal advisor who said that for his granddad, the family was everything.
  • Cuban radio character Armando Perez Roura was brought into the world on January 11 in the year 1928 and was 92 years of age until he died.
  • He was not on any online media stage.
  • While referencing his profile, he fled Cuba during the 1960s and sought after his profession in communicating vocation when he was 15 years of age.
  • He chose not to resign until Cuba was free and was enthusiastic.