Arthur Gunn

Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, a Nepalese rockstar and YouTuber living in Wichita, Kansas, the United States, impresses the judges with his magical voice during the American Idol 2020 Season 18 audition. In fact, he won the golden ticket to Hollywood, and Dibesh was chosen as one of the top 20 contestants.

Who is Arthur Gunn?

Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, is a 21-year-old Nepalese man who moved to Wichita, Kansas, with his family and has been there for about 5 years. Arthur Gunn is his stage name.

The reason for choosing that name, he says, is that the first three letters of Arthur spell Art, and he is fascinated by art in all of its forms and the effects it can have. As a result, he is one of the contestants on the singing competition show American Idol. In the American Idol 2020 Season 18 intro video, he described the beauty of his home country, Nepal.

Estimated Net Worth of Arthur Gunn

Furthermore, there is no information about his estimated net worth and salary in 2020.

Season 18 of American Idol features Arthur Gunn.

Gunn entered the audition room and greeted the judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. He introduced himself as Dibesh, which Katy Perry punned because he is “De Best.” Arthur sang Bob Dylan’s Girl From The North Country.

The judges wanted to hear him again, so they suggested he try one more song while maintaining eye contact with them and not closing his eyes. Then he performed another rock classic, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Have You Ever Seen The Rain.

After his performance, the judges were blown away by his voice. They praised him as a one-of-a-kind artist and handed him the finished product, declaring, “You’re going to Hollywood!” He won the golden ticket to Hollywood, and Dibesh was chosen as one of the top twenty contestants.

Arthur Gunn: YouTube Channel

Dibesh Pokharel has a YouTube channel called Arthur Gunn, which he started on July 25, 2017. Arthur has approximately 22.1k subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 1 million views on his YouTube videos. Similarly, Gunn has 8k Facebook followers.

Professional Career of Arthur Gunn

Gunn stated in an interview with American Idol that his mother bought him a guitar when he was a child. Since then, he has tried and practiced playing songs he heard on the radio and TV on his guitar. Furthermore, Dibesh claims that while he did not grow up in a musical family, he was fortunate to grow up surrounded by music.

He began singing six years ago in Nepal. Gunn mistook his interest for a passion. Well, after flying thousands of miles to Wichita, he demonstrated his talent to his people, who dubbed him the Wichita Eagle. Initially, he performed in coffee shops and pubs.

He revealed that his motivation and inspiration come from singers such as John Martyn, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Bukka White, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, and John Lee Hooker. Furthermore, he is working on his debut collection “Grahan,” an eight-song collection released in 2018.

Ma, Khoj, and Karnali are some of his most popular songs as of 2020. (The River).