Christina De Leon

Christina De Leon is an entertainer whose name you likely haven’t heard as of not long ago. In the event that you have heard her name, I am certain you are her fan as of now. Yet, for the majority of the individuals who are earing her unexpectedly, she has acted in certain films that you may know yet they are sufficient motion pictures. Her first-since forever film job was “Quite a long time ago In Hood” which was delivered in 2004. She has acted in numerous different creations from that point forward,

We don’t have a ton of data about Christina on the grounds that she has had the delight of being in the film business by one way or another still not be that acclaimed. I am certain she gets perceived here and there however on the off chance that she puts on a cap and a hoodie, she should be fine. She is additionally a chief and has guided a few activities. In spite of the fact that they haven’t been well known, she’s making some acceptable memories and that is the thing that is important to her.

NameChristina De Leon
BirthdayMarch 13, 1989
Height5 feet 6 inches
TwitterChristina De Leon

10 Facts On Christina De Leon

  • Christina De Leon was brought into the world on March 13, 1989. Just to place it in context, she’s more established than the web.
  • She is presently 31 years of age yet at the same time by one way or another looks youthful like a child.
  • She’s charming and stands at only 5 feet 6 crawls in tallness. Some may believe that it’s a little on the more limited side however it hasn’t prevented her from acting.
  • She is an American on the off chance that you were interested in her identity.
  • Christina has a french name however she is Caucasian or blended as far as her ethnic foundation.
  • She has showed up on Ride Along2 and Get Pony. See her IMDB profile for complete information on her film profession.
  • Evidently, she is single as there is no sweetheart in her life.
  • De Leon is a chief and a maker other than being an entertainer.
  • Christina isn’t on Instagram yet she utilizes Twitter.
  • She has 989 supporters on her Twitter handle.