DrasseL is a youthful jerk decoration who is known for doing ongoing interactions of fight royale games like H1Z1 and Pubg. Cedrik Lessard is the complete name of the gaming star yet he is usually known as DrasseL. The substance creation on TikTok has been no pattern of late and DrasseL followed the trend. DrasseL has not given any insights about his tallness yet he should be in his late twenties.

Age26 years
ProfessionYoutuber and Streamer

There are different online stages for content creation and Twitch is one of them. DrasseL utilizes this stage to associate with his fans and viewers. DrasseL’s identity is French and he learned English during secondary school. The decoration has procured a fan following of 72.2K which is fantastic and it takes an insane measure of difficult work and devotion to jump on this level. The gaming star has not discussed his folks with the general population.

10 Facts on DrasseL

  • DrasseL is a Twitch decoration is otherwise called the gaming star of Player Unknown Battleground A.K.A. PUBG.
  • The gaming star plays from Canada and is positioned 69 in Canada and has a world positioning of 2063.
  • By playing 18 competitions, Cedrik Lessard had the opportunity to acquire $65,795 which gives us that he has aggregated immense net worth at a, particularly youthful age.
  • The PUBG decoration is as of now living in Quebec and is pushing on the web content from that point.
  • To flavor up his profession, DrasseL began pushing content from youtube as well yet he generally transfers features of the games there.
  • DrasseL joined youtube in 2014 by transferring the interactivity of MW3 Montage. As DrasseL has not had the option to give quality opportunity to youtube, he has just procured 2.65K adherents.
  • Prior to changing to PUBG, DrasseL used to play H1Z1 since 2017 however he played H1z1 for a year.
  • You will generally discover DrasseL playing Battle Royale Games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, NHL, and Halo.
  • The substance maker/gamer DrasseL is exactly at 26 years old and has procured overall fans throughout a brief timeframe.
  • The gaming star has worked broadly as he has put an enormous measure of time and work in conveying content on Twitch.