John Eligon

John Eligon is a columnist from Trinidad. He is a public journalist for The New York Times.

NameJohn Eligon
Agelate 30’s
EducationNorthwestern University

John has been working for the NY Times for over 8 years now. Moreover, he additionally has insight from working at The Times and The Detroit Free Press.

10 Facts on John Eligon

  • John Eligon is a public reporter for The New York Times. He is around the age of his late 30’s. Notwithstanding, his authority age and birthday are not accessible.
  • The Twitter represent John for accessible as @jeligon. Additionally, his Instagram handle is @johneligon. Besides, he is checked on both social records.
  • The writer is a local of Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago. Be that as it may, he as of now dwells in Kansas City, Michigan because of his calling. Besides, his nationality is dark.
  • The Wiki page for John Eligon is being composed at this moment. While his short bio is accessible at The New York Times just as LinkedIn Profile.
  • Working at one of the top papers, Eligon should procure a six-figure compensation. Notwithstanding, the unobtrusive man doesn’t like to parade his net worth openly.
  • In spite of the fact that Eligon shares news about world issues, he is clandestine with regards to his own relationships. Till now, he has not referenced about his significant other or sweetheart.
  • The journalist is an attractive man of tall tallness and a solid body. Moreover, he shakes a long afro with dull eyes and earthy colored skin composition.
  • John gathered his experience as a journalist from his secondary school days. Also, he moved on from lofty Northwestern University in 2004.
  • Eligon began his profession at The Detroit Free Press. Following his exit from the organization, he worked for Sports and Metro work areas at The Times.
  • In July 2012, John was recruited in Kansas City as a public reporter for The New York Times. Besides, he covers racial issues across America.