Jon McEwan

How well do you realize Beverley Callard’s significant other Jon McEwan? Jon McEwan is the fourth spouse of English entertainer Beverley Callard. The couple is hitched throughout the previous 10 years. The couple doesn’t have any youngsters together.

NameJon McEwan
WifeBeverley Callard

Beverley Callard is a celebrated television and film entertainer and is most popular for her appearance on Crowning ceremony Road and The Peter Guideline. While Callard is a commended well-known person all gratitude to her vocation as an entertainer, Jon has a fairly relaxed life. In any case, he has got things of her own.

This is what we are aware of Crowning ritual Road celebrated entertainer Beverley Callard’s fourth spouse Jon McEwan.

10 Realities on Jon McEwan

  • Jon McEwan is a drummer, biker, recording studio proprietor, photographic studio proprietor. He is most popular as the spouse of English television and film entertainer Beverley Callard.
  • Jon is the fourth spouse of Beverley Callard. The couple got hitched on 30 October 2010. On October 30, 2020, the couple commended their 10th commemoration.
  • Beverley Callard was first hitched to Paul Atkinson from 1974 to 1977. She wedded David Sowden from 1980 to 1988. Her third spouse is Steve Callard.
  • Steve Callard and Beverley Callard were hitched from 1989 to 2001.
  • Beverley Callard invited her oldest kid, little girl Rebecca Callard with her significant other her first spouse Paul Atkinson.
  • Jon McEwan and Beverley Callard don’t have any kids together. Jon has a youngster, a child named Ben from his past marriage.
  • Beverley Callard’s better half Jon is an ex-armed force. He has portrayed himself as a biker, recording studio proprietor, photographic studio proprietor, drummer, and ex-armed force.
  • You can discover Jon on Twitter as @jonmmac. His Twitter account has 1.2k devotees.
  • The detail on how old and tall is Jon McEwan is missing. His better half Rebecca is 63 years of age. Jon could likewise be in his 60s.
  • Jon McEwan’s net worth and yearly compensation are as yet under survey.