Katie Razzall

Katie Razzall is a British Journalist and TV moderator brought into the world on 31 October 1970 and has worked in enormous media organizations like BBC, Channel 4, and ITN. The newsreader turns out to be the gift of Tim Razzall and Baron Razzall. Katie was additionally keen on going about as she featured on an English stone melody.

NameKatie Razzall
Birthday31 October 1970
Age49 years
ParentsTim Razzall and Baron Razzall
HusbandOliver Milburn
InstagramUniversity of Oxford(BA)

To get comfortable with this TV industry, Katie joined ITN to do preparing and that after some time her work arrived on Channel 4.Katie Razzall and her significant other Oliver Milburn shares a girl whose nitty-gritty data is as yet inaccessible. As Katie as of late got elevated to UK editorial manager, we can unmistakably say that she has collected colossal net worth.

10 Facts on Katie Razzall

  • Katie Razzall is a prestigious columnist who turned into a natural face by featuring in gigantic news channels as a newsreader.
  • You will doubtlessly be stunned when I state that Katie Razzall is 49 years of age. However, she seems as though she is in the mid 30s.
  • Despite the fact that Razzall sought after a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Oxford, she fills in as a writer.
  • Subsequent to having colossal involvement with news coverage, Katie joined BBC Newsnight as a Special Correspondent.
  • 2014, was the year that took a turn in Katie’s life as she had the chance to work with BBC and work now her excursion is going pretty smoothly.
  • The writer previously functioned as a maker on Channel 4 and subsequent to turning into a specialist, she got elevated to journalist.
  • The original name of Katie Razzall turns out to be Katherine Mary Razzall and her ethnicity is British.
  • Katie is situated in London, the United Kingdom and this spot offered her incredible open doors.
  • In the year 2004, she got hitched to Oliver Milburn and her better half appear to be extremely steady.
  • The writer Katie’s significant other turns out to be an English entertainer and restaurateur.