Kelly Long

Kelly Long is the mother of the nine-year-old rape casualty, Sophie. The child uncovered in the YouTuber Anne Elise’s digital recording that she had been explicitly manhandled by her mom’s life partner. What’s more, since her folks have separated, her mom was given the sole authority over the kids.

As her mom’s place is unmistakably undependable, Sophie has been arguing to remain with her dad. Moreover, another disclosure was made about her mom purportedly startling her to wound her in the neck. The horrible experience that Sophie, at her age, is at present experiencing is outside our ability to understand.

NameKelly Long
Age34 years old
Height5 feet and 6 inches (1.68 m)
HusbandMichael Long
ChildrenSophie, Jack and Lucas Long
FacebookKelly Long

10 Facts on Kelly Long

  • Kelly Long is the organic mother of the rape casualty, Sophie Long who is just 9 years old.
  • Considering all the subtleties introduced by Sophie, you should be contemplating whether Kelly Long has been captured at this point. Yet, up until this point, there are no reports on her being captured, in any event for the time being.
  • She and her ex, Michael Long are supposed to be as of now in a care fight in Collin County, in view of Texas.
  • She had supposedly compromised her own little girl, Sophie to cut her in the neck. This data came to be known through Anne Elise’s digital broadcast which is nauseating.
  • Her ex, Michael has been investing amounts of energy to win the authority to keep his youngsters completely secure from Kelly.
  • The allies of #StandWithSophie have been needing to see Kelly Long in prison for letting her little girl get attacked directly at her own home.
  • Texas young lady, Sophie Long’s GoFundMe crusade has been moving of late. This video has doubtlessly got numerous individuals included who are raising their voices for equity to be served.
  • Kelly’s life partner is Jake Bellington who Sophie has routed to her sexual victimizer.
  • Her age is around 34 years of age starting at 2020.
  • She is of American identity and is of white nationality.