Kevin and Kattie

Kevin and Kattie are an unscripted television star couple. They rose in notoriety subsequent to joining the group of “Wedding Millions Season 2”

NameKevin and Kattie
Age30 years (Kevin) and 23 years (Kattie)
Net Worth$50 million dollars (Kevin)
YoutubeKevin David
FacebookKevin David

Kevin is a multimillionaire and Kattie is an appropriately acquiring young lady. Their relationship will chief in the show on August 5, 2020.

10 Facts on Kevin and Kattie

  • Kevin and Kattie are unscripted television stars and a couple. Kevin is the age of 30 years of age and Kattie is 23 years of age. Notwithstanding, their birthday and zodiac sign are off the web.
  • Kevin and Kattie will show up in season 2 of the famous TV show “Wedding Millions”. The narrative arrangement catches the adoration between two individuals where one of them is a mogul and another carries on with a not all that rich life.
  • Following their profile, the couple hails from San Diego, California. Subsequently, they are American by ethnicity. Besides, the two of them are white by identity.
  • Kevin and Katie look exquisite together. Kevin stands a respectable stature and Kaite is somewhat more limited than him. In any case, their body estimations are off the web.
  • Concerning now, there is no Wiki page under the name Kevin and Kattie. Essentially, we were unable to accumulate insights concerning their folks and other relatives.
  • The couple met each other out traveling to Mexico. Truly, Katie went to Mexico to go to Kevin’s talking occasions. Additionally, the two of them became hopelessly enamored from the start sight.
  • Kevin and Kattie are not hitched at this point. The two of them have kept up quietness on their wedding subtleties.
  • Kevin’s net worth is almost $50 million dollars. Besides, he is an independent mogul and CEO. His work is identified with online internet business and advanced advertising.
  • Despite the fact that Kevin is a mogul, he doesn’t go through his cash extremely. Besides, he tosses minimal expenditure for Katie. This makes little questions in the relationship.
  • You can follow Kevin on Instagram as @kevindavid. In any case, we were unable to locate Kattie’s social record.