Melissa Spalding

Melissa Spalding is a reputed sweetheart of the acclaimed VIP culinary expert Paul Hollywood. Melissa is a landowner of one of the acclaimed bars close to Paul’s home. She is extremely wonderful and alluring who got the attention of one of the renowned gourmet experts who is an adjudicator on The Great British Bake Off which is a British preparing rivalry show which was first debuted on August 17, 2010.

Melissa Spalding is as of late on top of numerous features after her reputed hurl with Paul Hollywood. Paul and Melissa may have been together since lockdown after the worldwide pandemic brought about by COVID-19 and from that point forward they have imparted a very decent attachment to one another.

NameMelissa Spalding
Net Worth$15 Million
Married/SingleIn a relationship

10 Facts on Melissa Spalding:

  • Melissa Spalding was brought into the world in 1986 in England, United Kingdom.
  • Her age starting at 2020 is only 34 years of age anyway she hasn’t uncovered her birthday at this point.
  • Paul Hollywood moves sweetheart Melissa Spalding into his home when lockdown started after the COVID-19 infection broke out and from that point forward she has gone with him all through.
  • Paul Hollywood Girlfriend is the proprietor of one of the bars named The Chequers Inn close to Paul’s home and during his visit to the bar, Paul saw her and went gaga for her.
  • Melissa’s beau is a separated from man as he was hitched to Alexandra Hollywood path in 1998 however finished their marriage in 2017.
  • Melissa is Paul’s second sweetheart after his separation as his first sweetheart was Summer Monteys Fullam who was only 24 years of age as they began dating soon after his separation and got isolated in 2019.
  • Melissa is accessible on Instagram account @melissaspalding0909 however her record is private and not open to general society.
  • Melissa and Paul were reputed to date since December 2019.
  • Melissa hasn’t uncovered her net worth while her accomplice’s net worth is around 15 million dollars.
  • As of recently there is no data seeing Melissa’s past relationship as she has been cryptic about her own life.