Miltontpike1 is a famous jerk decoration, melodic craftsman, and a YouTuber. He is mostly known for his GTA V interactivity. In addition, he additionally transfers interactivity recordings of Call of Duty and Modern Warfare.

Subsequently, he has amassed a great many supporters everywhere on the web-based media. The lovely interactivity and a clever and communicating character truly make him stick out. Find out about him as here are the 10 intriguing realities about the decoration.

AgeThe 30s
ProfessionTwitch Streamer

10 Facts on Miltontpike1

  • Miltontpike1 is a notable jerk decoration, youtuber and a melodic craftsman. He is most popular for real time interactivity recordings of Call of Duty, GTA V and Modern Warfare.
  • Additionally, the decoration has more than 197k adherents on jerk. He has around 20k dynamic watchers who watch his recordings consistently.
  • Additionally, he is by all accounts in his 30s. Be that as it may, he is yet to uncover the reality about his birthday and age.
  • Nonetheless, the decoration doesn’t yet have a wikipedia life story. However, he has an individual site with his information.
  • Proceeding onward, he is additionally an online media influencer and roleplayer. His instagram account comprises of around 5k adherents and has around 35k twitter devotees.
  • Moreover. Mike additionally does merchandise of his items. The insights concerning the merchandise can be found in his own site.
  • The decoration’s genuine name is Nick. In any case, he is well known on the online media by his epithet, “Miltontpike1.”
  • Proceeding onward, he is locked in to his long-term sweetheart, Erin. Scratch proposed her on a nursery on March 30, 2020. The couple are searching forward for their marriage very soon.
  • Moroever, his identity is Canadian.He is from BC, Canada. He comes from the white ethnic gathering.
  • Aside from being a decoration, he is additionally a performer and roleplayer. He knows to play an assortment of instruments. Be that as it may, his net worth and family realities are inaccessible.