Monroe Christine Lewis

Monroe Christine Lewis, a famous figure or can be known as a kid superstar has been confronting a few issues with her folks. Her swinger guardians, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward got isolated in the wake of going through 10 years of their coexistence.

NameMonroe Christine Lewis
BirthdayOctober 25, 2016
Age3 years
ParentsJeff Lewis and Gage Edward

The couple made some genuine memories bringing forth their lone kid Monroe which is the reason even after their partition, both need to keep the hold of their little girl. It is self-evident – each parent adores his/her kid and the equivalent is the situation with these two.

As indicated by Gage’s Instagram story, he has been dealing with Monroe as a single parent at this moment. However, this doesn’t imply that Jeff has kept closed. He has likewise requested his correct calling that Monroe is his organic kid and he ought to have the total right of her.

10 Facts About Monroe Christine Lewis:

  • Learning about Monroe Christine Lewis is very confounding and truly muddled as she has been seeing the clash of her two guardians.
  • With the assistance of surrogacy, Monroe Christine Lewis was brought into the world on October 25, 2016, and now, she is only three years old.
  • It’s extraordinary information for the world that this famous character is presently arriving at 4 years of age when she will commend her birthday on October 25 this year.
  • Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are viewed as her natural guardians.
  • As you got it, there is no Instagram account under her name except for we can see her photographs everywhere on this famous online media.
  • Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward’s girl who is 3 years of age has been investing energy with one of her folks Gage right now yet both of her folks are battling a case to keep her.
  • Her seventh certainty among the 10 realities is that she has a granddad who’s name is Tom Lewis.
  • In the event that we talk about the calling of her folks, Jeff is an inside architect while Gage is a TV entertainer.
  • Brought up in the United States, Monroe is additionally an American simply like her folks.
  • Destined to cross-sexual guardians, she is most likely straight supposedly.