Rey Gonzalez

Rey Gonzalez is an American legislator who is running his mission right now to be chosen in the November 3 decisions. Ironicly Gonzalez-a man with a Mexican legacy is running from the Republican faction whose president needed to construct a divider between Mexico and the USA. Rey is on the polling form from the 34th Congressional District of Texas as he progressed from the conservative essential on the third Match, 2020.

Gonzalez lost the political decision from a similar legislative locale when he battled 2 years prior however he needs to make that a learning experience and win this area this time around. He had even run for the political race in 2016 however because of gathering rules, he needed to submit and uphold Ted Cruz. This year it would seem that he will get chosen in light of the fact that tenacious individuals make it to the top.

NameRey Gonzalez
BirthdayMay 2
Height5 ft 9 in
EducationBaylor University
TwitterDr. Rey Gonzalez

10 Facts On Rey Gonzalez

  • Rey Gonzalez is around 40 years of age. He looks very youthful and has an innocent appeal to him which his citizens may like.
  • He praises his birthday on the second of May each year.
  • Gonzalez was brought into the world in a spot called Harlingen, Texas. He spent his adolescence and finished his schooling in Texas also.
  • He moved on from Baylor University in 2002. To acquire instruction, he later joined the University of Dayton and Ross University School of Medicine.
  • Rey remains at a good stature of 5 feet 9 inches.
  • We have no clue about who his significant other is.
  • Rey is an individual from The Republican Party and is going up against Filemon Vela, Anthony Cristo, and Chris Royal in his locale.
  • He is a lawyer. In this way, we speculate he may have a respectable net worth however we can’t state figures at the present time.
  • He doesn’t have a Wiki website on the web.
  • Rey is Christian as far as confidence.