Riskhappy is a website page that depends on Austin, Texas, USA and the page shared one of the TikTok recordings where an Indian young lady is singing a melody and her father is making fun out of her. The video which made buzz begins with a little girl who is singing while at the same time playing the piano.


The young lady is by all accounts singing a well-known tune named The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and her father simply makes a video out of her and prods her expressing she is apathetic. Disregarding her father, she simply continues to sing and her father makes more fun out of her.

After this, her father prods her platitude that he will tell every last bit of her companions how languid she is and furthermore says that she is so lethargic to dress appropriately as her jeans are holding tight old Pelatoon bicycle. As the video was posted by the Instagram page Riskhappy, it began to get numerous perspectives and individuals began to like it.

10 Facts About Riskhappy:

  • Riskhappy is a page just as an Instagram page that has ascended into the notoriety for sharing TikTok recordings identified with a young lady singing tunes and her dad ridiculing her.
  • There is an Instagram page under the username @riskhappy which depends on Austin, Texas, USA.
  • We don’t have the foggiest idea who really runs the channel which is the reason we stay obscure with respect to the age of that individual.
  • Likewise, we stay about the individual’s tallness and another actual ascribes.
  • Is Riskhappy hitched? Presumably the individual who made the page may have been hitched however we know nothing about it yet.
  • Since we don’t think about his marriage, we are likewise uncertain about his better half.
  • When does Riskhappy praise their birthday? We have no clue about this data yet.
  • The page has its own product where they sell generally shirts.
  • Riskhappy is likewise dynamic on YouTube with in excess of 70 endorsers there.
  • There isn’t a lot of data about the page and more data will be added later.