Ryan Secord

Ryan Secord is exceptionally mainstream as a specialist just as a political expert. You may remember him from 60 Days In, a TV narrative where the volunteers are imprisoned and are in the long run kept as covert detainees for precisely 60 days. He had shown up in this arrangement as Kyle Ryan and he went to the show to share his considerations and his inclinations.

NameRyan Secord
Age27 years
ProfessionReality Television Star, Consultant, Political Analyst
EducationOhio University

Truth be told, he is the most youthful member in this show and likely outstanding amongst others as well. Since September 2015, he has been filling in as an advisor at A&E TV. Where is he now? As per his LinkedIn profile, Ryan Secord is as of now in Athens, Ohio, US.

10 Realities on Ryan Secord:

  • Ryan Secord is only 27 years old yet the data identified with his birthday is right now obscure.
  • As indicated by him, there are a lot of degenerate officials in the USA and in this way, he needs to have any kind of effect as he sought to be a cop one day.
  • A cop as well as this youngster has a tremendous yearning of turning into a murder criminologist.
  • As of now, we have no clue about if Ryan Secord has a sweetheart. Yet, we are buckling down o get this data and we will refresh it at the earliest opportunity.
  • At the point when he was in prison, he had opened his own show to get some benefit.
  • In the wake of finishing his secondary school instruction, he had joined Armed force Saves and prepared at Post Benning.
  • Speaking more about his schooling, he is going to finish a Four year college education in Way of thinking from Ohio College.
  • Proceeding onward to Ryan Secord’s Instagram profile, he has picked up around 2.4 thousand supporters altogether.
  • Likewise, we can locate this youngster on Twitter where he has figured out how to pick up almost 3.6 thousand supporters.
  • Right now, we have no clue about his folks and kin.