Xerpal is an online liner and tiktok star. You may remember him from his Twitch streams where he principally plays World of Warcraft.

ProfessionTwitch Steamer

As of late, Xerpal was found cheating in the game. Individuals marked an online request to get him restricted from the jerk.

Besides, Xerpal was referenced in Reddit posts for his bamboozling embarrassment.

10 Facts on Xerpal

  • Xerpal is a web-based media influencer, TikTok star and Twitch decoration. He is a youthful gamer. Notwithstanding, his age and date of birth are off the web.
  • Xerpal is generally mainstream for playing World of Warcraft. It is perhaps the most famous internet gaming. Similarly, the game was delivered in 2004.
  • In 2020, Xerpal stood out as truly newsworthy after he was blamed for cheating in Warcraft. Numerous players grumbled that Xerpal was acquiring additional murders for no reasons. Besides, individuals even documented petitions to get him prohibited.
  • Following his profile, his profile specifies that he hails from Canada. Henceforth, he is Canadian by identity. Be that as it may, we are uncertain about his nationality.
  • Xerpal remains at good tallness and weight. In any case, his authority body estimations are off the web. Moreover, he seldom shares his photos.
  • In spite of the fact that Xerpal is known in jerk, he actually doesn’t claim a wiki page till date. In addition, we were unable to accumulate insights concerning his folks and other relatives.
  • Xerpal is private about his affection life. He hasn’t referenced his better half or relationship status at this point.
  • Aside from World of Warcraft, Xerpal plays different games, for example, Call of Duty: Warzone. Be that as it may, with his duping outrage, he has been gathering consideration from Reddit also.
  • No authority source has affirmed Xerpal’s net worth yet. In any case, with his Twitch profession, we estimate that he should bring in an attractive measure of cash.
  • As we referenced previously, Xerpal is exceptionally private about his life. Thus, his online media accounts like Instagram and TikTok are private.